Are you going through pain?
Im sharing how to make the right choices, stay positive and to stop relying on only ourselves and to rely on God.

 Our life often has pain and we wonder why its so bad. Many times in my life I was in so much pain. Ever feel like that? 
When your excited for an event or vacation that was planned for months but you become ill or a family member passes away. 

A couple years ago I was pregnant with my second child. Life was hard but manageable, then the unexpected happened. I had a phone call from my husband while on his way to the hospital from work, he injured his finger. After months of not being able to go to work we chose to give it all to God, having faith he can use it for good.  
Looking back now I can see all the good that came from it. Just to name a few my husband was there the moment I went into labor, he spent our daughters first few months with her every moment of everyday. Thats a crazy blessing am I right?
Financially it didnt look like it would work on paper but it did, every month everything we needed was covered. 

I dont know if your in the middle of a battle right now or not, but know that God can use it for good. To direct us/teach us to trust him, correct us if we're going down the wrong path and protect us from ourselves. 
If I never had a problem, Id never know that God can solve it.
You dont know that God is all you need till God is all you have.

Here is somethings that was shared by Rick Warren on how to overcome what your going through......

Remember God can use any situation for good in your life. Somethings we only learn through pain. But God never wastes a hurt, he wants you to share your hurt and how God helped you find your path to become the person you are today.

 God will use your test to create your testimony
Have hope in even the most challenging moments, you wont regret it.

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