The Positive That Comes From Struggles

Last night I was sitting there thinking about the past and how many times I asked God why things are happening. I then I realized He gave me the answer I just needed to look at the past and see how far God has brought us.
From back in the day when I was in an abusive relationship I wondered why. 
And not too long ago when my husband Eric lost his job for no reason still I cried out wondering why this was happening.
It truly was all meant to be and brought me to where I am today.

Every struggle has a purpose everything that happens, there's a reason for it so when you ask why, try not to get frustrated when you don't hear the answer right away because you will eventually get the reason.
Trust me when I say that you will struggle and you won't know the answer for a long time, but when you do see the reason for why that situation happens you will be completely grateful.

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