The Real Story About Abs

I wanted to talk about why I'm proud that I have achieved abs after 2 kids even though I wasn't active before or during my pregnancies. 
Abs might not be something you want or think you can achieve. 
My abs only show me that I'm on track even after a few cheats.
If they start to look like fat abs I know I need to refocus on my nutrition.

FYI you can NOT achieve and maintain abs like I have for 2 years now unless you get your nutrition in check.
My abs stated showing when my youngest turned 1 years old  
That's in only ONE year after baby 
All abs prove that I'm educated on how to help YOU get your lean body.

My jump start to fitness starts next week, don't just live uncomfortable in your own skin. 
Most of my ladies feel unstoppable after only a few weeks with my mentoring. 
Summer bodies are not made in the summer their maintained but earned before.

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