School Is Coming!!! What Are You Doing To Stay Energized All Summer?

School is coming to an end for our kids!!
What are your thoughts?
Overwhelmed with how to keep them entertained? 
Try making a goal list with them
Not only will it teach them how to make goals but give you an idea of what they are looking to do during the summer?
Obviously we all want our kids to be active so make sure to schedule a window to go to a park or just kick a soccer ball around in the yard. You will sure get them smiling just doing that free simple activity together 
Remember you need time also!!
Im cheap so the spa isn't for me and I don't like to pay a gym membership since I get fit in my living room.
But if you wake up just a little before them you can get moving and feel awesome all day !!
You will need the energy to keep up with them and their sibling fights lol
What are your tips for getting through summer vacation without losing your sanity???

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