How I Add Zucchini Into My Kids Dinner

This recipe is simple and my very picky oldest kiddo loves this dinner. When I asked her if she tasted the zucchini she said no not at all. 
You can buy a veggetti at many places like bed bath and beyond or online by this LINK. I bought mine at my local health store pre cut into spirals.


-Your favorite spaghetti, we used brown rice spaghetti 

-Zucchini pre cut into spirals or one zucchini and the veggetti tool

-Organic marinara sauce 

-Ground turkey

-Coconut oil


-Boil water in a pot then place spaghetti in and follow packaged directions

-Take a sauce pan and cook the ground turkey until its not pink, 
watch the turkey carefully to not over cook. 
After draining the grease push the turkey to one side of the pan.

-In the same sauce pan turn the fire down and place coconut oil in the pan then add zucchini spirals tossing with a spatula. 
Once the zucchini is cooked to your liking mix the turkey and zucchini together. 

-Mix together the marinara sauce and spaghetti noodles

-Serve with spaghetti on the bottom then turkey and zucchini spirals on top ENJOY

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