I Hated Working Out

Choose to ‪#‎StartYourWeekendRight‬ with some kind of activity!!
Walking with the kids,
Go on a bike ride
Or what I enjoy is crushing my at home workout and having the activities extra 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
I didn't always like to workout
I used to look at it as just something to lose weight.
I'm so glad in the process I started telling myself I'm going to enjoy it and I'm never going to stop.
I told myself that everyday.
Well honestly Because back when I started not only did I have zero confidence in myself but I never thought I would lose 60 pounds!
I assumed I would NEED to workout everyday and maybe one day I would look even half as good as the girls on the video.
Because of starting at such a low point it has helped me help so many more people.
Love every moment! Life is HARD but when you look at Gods miracles everyday you will find the strength through him and have peace and joy

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