Power Couple

They used to eat out once a week for years and nightly ice cream for Carl was normal. 

These transformations are after drinking shakeology daily and slowly making those bad habits into good ones. 
Instead of eating out weekly they both cook something they enjoy. 

Kathy will make something off my healthy recipe tab like meatloaf or 
Carl will make some grass fed burgers. 
It's a win/win.
When they do eat out every once in a great while they may get a pizza. 
But back in the day they would each get a small pizza and eat the entire thing. Now, they split a pizza or eat half then eat the other half another day. 

What is one thing you see about this power couple?
They do it together, they work together to grow old the best way possible.
Was it easy to change habits they had for years together?
not at all
But they had a strong reason for making those changes and accountability from my coaching group to help keep them look ahead.
Do you have a strong reason to want to be the best you?
It could be not wanting to have digestive issues or want to look good in a bathing suit. 
Whatever it is do like this couple and go ALL IN

Email me today to find out how I helped this couple find their inner power couple.

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