Tip Of the Day, Its Not To Late To Feel Better

Happy #5am
Heres your #TipOfTheDay before my workout

putting things in your mouth like scripts just because a doctor says so.
Take the time to research.

Eat food to make you feel good and fuels your body. Yup I drink shakeology for that reason, the testimonies I've seen by those with medical conditions getting off scripts is amazing plus I have zero digestion problems, I have energy, it's natural it makes me feel amazing so I can enjoy my family till I'm old and gray lol sorry kids 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
You really need to take care of your body.
You only have one.
I don't care where your at just start!!!!
Next week I'll be re teaching my mentor groups starting from scratch to make sure they remember the basics.

You ready?
To give yourself a new life,
Be a better mom,
Show your kids how to love life
Make family approved meals
Change your life for good
And know that you are spending time now so you don't have to spend money on co pays, doctor visits being nervous about what they will say and standing in very long Pharmesy lines to pay for scripts that have very scary side effects.

I met a 77 year old man that was in good health just needed his gallbladder out a couple years ago.
He started acting weird after his surgery and now 1 year later they think he has dementia. Its bad!
Care for your body so surgery is less needed.
Even marathon runners are not always healthy, their fit but some are not healthy.
Don't think just calories in calories out,
Be healthy,
Start taking processed foods out.
I promise its worth it all :)

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