Clean Out Your Kitchen

Are you truly ready to change the way you live? 

If you are then lets start by cleaning out your kitchen. Its were it all starts. When we are bored, tired or depressed we head to the kitchen. When you have junk in the fridge you tend to eat junk. When your fruits are precut you tend to eat them when you are craving something in-between meals. Lets start with getting rid of the processed foods in the pantry. Most foods that can sit there for over a week in the pantry will do exactly that in our bodies. You know that bloated feeling you have or when your stomach feels hard but its not because its muscles? Thats from the processed food your eating. 

Here is a list of examples that I USED to have in my kitchen: 

 -Frozen ANYTHING, throw in the pan dinners, pre made dinners (that you didn't make) that go in the oven etc

-If your pantry is like how mine was you will have boxed pasta meals that included pasta sauce, pasta and seasoning, TOSS them, I promise its worth it. 

 -Get ride of “diet” foods like processed bars, salad dressings and cereals. 

 I know its hard throwing food away but think about what its doing to your health and how you feel everyday. Starting now you will NEVER have to throw food away again because you will know how to shop and fuel your body to work properly. 

We will have cravings to slow us down, we are NOT perfect but we can prepare our kitchen in such a way that will make the temptations manageable.  
 More questions on cleaning out your kitchen? Let me know.

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