Organize Your Kitchen for Weight Loss

-Make It Easy to eat Healthy Foods when in a time crunch like nuts, pre-cut veggies, fruit, and Greek yogurt easy to grab when you’re hungry.

-GET RID  OF THE JUNK! Ok I know its not always ok in some houses. My husband used to hate not having ice cream around. You will just need to hide the Junk Food. If you must keep treats in the house, stash them where you don’t see them all the time. Chocolate chip cookies can go in the freezer, you can make Shakeology ice cream, and make unhealthy foods go on a hard-to-reach shelves. 

I have a small kitchen compared to most because I'm a full timer RVer but that cabinet above my refrigerator is always my go to place for what i consider junk food. My husband likes chips with his lunch and yes their a healthier chip but I still don't want them. 
I hope these little tips will help you feel more confident.

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