Do Today What You Can See Yourself Doing A Year From Today

Did I really get this sweat in 30 minutes from my living room
Today I enjoy working out but it did NOT start out that way!
My first at home workout was TurboFire, it made me realize exercise was fun and being able to do it at home changed my life FOREVER.
You know when you love something because it changed the way you look or feel and you can't help but tell all your friends?
Well that's what I feel like everyday!
It's hard for me to explain how I went from the way I was to the way I am now 
Are you ready to change the way you feel?
Are you were I was, completely DONE with the way you feel?
I sold my treadmill to get started, for me it was like when your at the end of your rope and you surrender your life completely to God.
When I sold the treadmill I thought for a second, wait am I being selfish, this money could go toward my new babies diapers or our house payment.
Then God stepped in by speaking through my hubby and said, do this for you.
Life has been a roller coaster the last 3 years but one thing I have control over is getting up at 5am and pressing play for 30 minutes.

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