I Had No Idea How To Eat!

Almost three years ago I ate HORRIBLE 
I had no idea what I was doing when it came to feeding my growing family. 

👉Boxed pasta foods

👉Chips for my hubby's sna

cks at work

I had a bad attitude because I looked and felt old and burnt out on life.
Do you feel this way?

Like most I thought eating better took to much energy and mega bucks.
I'm here to say it actually doesn't!!

It's crazy actually my dinners cost 10$ max and that's with organic chicken or beef.....and energy, well the longer you give yourself 30 minutes a day to workout the more energy you have.
Say What?!?!??
I know it's crazy

So sunday I took 5 minutes to clean and cut a weeks worth of strawberries for Eric s lunch. Worth every minutes!

Would you like me to help encourage you to be your best self?
I've been where you are and would love to do what someone did for me almost 3 years ago

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