One Day At A Time

You see how easy it is for me to get up and workout but it wasn't always that way!
This girl got up at 9am and was still tired. I started by working out at night before realizing I was even more exhausted at night.
So I went to working out in the morning but NOT 5am, more like 8am

Body red as a tomato, dripping sweat when I finished my 55 minute workout (back then there wasn't a 30 minute workout option)
My first 30 days I finally decided 830 in the morning to workout EVERYDAY was a good start. It took a month to be ok with that lol
Then the fun came in, the comparing to others. I was watching a mom of 2 that seemed to drop the weight working out with the same program. 
So I felt like I wasn't working hard enough. 
Well it took selling my treadmill to buy my first fitness bundle and like most I didn't know the true value of shakeology so I was using half the serving scoop to make it last longer. 
This girl I was comparing to didn't do that so I figured that was my problem.

My journey didn't start out jumping out of bed at 5am and drinking shakeology like I should have.
It was a process for me. 
Which is why I'm so passionate about helping you.
I didn't have someone suggesting things to me, 
I didn't know how much shakeology would change my life and the way I feel I thought it was just a protein shake lol

Yes I have free 5 day groups
But real change happens when you decide your life is unmanageable 

You have all the tools and use them like you should 
Sounds crazy but Because I was working my butt off everyday I'm surprised I kept going. 
If I started the right way on day one I would have been wearing my rings on the correct finger way sooner!!

We are in this together
Are you ready to be your BEST self in as soon as a week?

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