Start Your First Chapter Full Speed

The struggle is real when you start your chapter one.

We all want the quick fix but we forget how long it took for us to create these bad habits in the first place. 
But i don't know about you but I knew how hard it was to start and I didn't want to keep reading my first chapter Over and over!!!

It took me a solid year
One entire year to earn abs
That wasn't even my goal, I just wanted to hit 130 pounds 
I busted my butt! 
Tears running down my face because of the fat juggling and stomach in my way doing a bicycle 

After I worked out everyday for 90 days I started focusing on my nutrition cause I had NO clue how to eat!!!!

Yes I could have seen results faster if I ate better and drank shakeoogy sooner but I was just proud that I got better every day.

I made goals and didn't achieve them as fast as I thought but that didn't stop me.
I wanted my wedding rings to fit on the correct finger by October 2012,
Kate was born April 2012 so I thought I can do that

NOPE but that still didn't stop me,
So don't ever give up because of the time it takes to reach your goals.
Time passes anyways

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