Whats The Easiest Way To Change Bad Eating Habits?

You have the motivation, accountability, the support and a workout program to do at home. But then fears creep in and you start to doubt. 
What can I do to help me when my night time cravings or fast food cravings try and get in the way? 
Your answer is a meal replacement like Shakeology.  

I know what your thinking because I thought the same thing 3 years ago. Why can't I just eat healthy food and workout and reach my goals, why do I need to drink a shake?

Here are a few reasons why a meal replacement will make sure you stay on track and create habits that you can maintain forever.

It WILL keep you from over eating and you will NOT crave fast food when you drive by during lunch time 

In a meal replacements shake like Shakeology it includes the healthy things you should have daily so your body doesn't crave more when its satisfied with less. Because of the fruits, veggies, camu-camu, chia seed, prebiotics and probiotics etc 

When you drink your Shaekology for breakfast your fueling your body which will last all day

Most of us skip breakfast because lets face it, no matter who you are mornings are one of the busiest times of the day. I personally drink my shakeology with just water in a shaker cup in the car. Im satisfied for 2 hours which is just the amount of time in between meals. 

Im so tired now, how am I going to wake up earlier or find the energy to workout?

Shakeology contains many B vitamins and other superfood ingredients that come from whole foods and herbs like macro root. The vitamins, minerals and whole foods will help with digestion, weight loss, curbs cravings and lowers cholesterol. Yes these have all been scientifically PROVEN in studies.  

Most of us are not a fan of MOST veggies and we defiantly don't eat enough everyday

  Your in luck, Shakeology has all the veggies you need so any extra you eat will just make you healthier! FYI you can also put extra in if your body is struggling after all the years of not eating much veggies. Spinach is a great add in since it adds zero taste when blended in your meal replacement. 

I don't normally have a craving for sweets but knowing its not the best for me makes me want it more

Did you know Shakeology comes in a great tasting chocolate flavor. When I do blend my chocolate Shakeology I make it into a chocolate peanut better cup shake. It takes any chocolate craving away even on my high stress days.

I hope after reading this you know that you can achieve your goals and push those fears to the side. Not only have I changed by drinking Shakeology but those I mentor share that after all the years of trying to lose weight that shakeology has made reaching their goals so easy and they wished someone would have told them sooner. 

If your looking to make a change starting today, want a group of like minded ladies to encourage you then comment below and lets find out what is the best option is for you to NEVER feel lost and discouraged. 

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