Stop Wasting Money On Vitimins

Coming from someone that goes to my local organic store once a month I see the price of the foods.
I save by getting my organic beef at Costco and drink my Shakeoogy daily that's packed with everything I see others buy at those specialty stores. I only need to shop there for my youngest to get an extra serving of probiotics on top of vegan shakeology. Her body rejects processed foods that on occasion she eats.
Like myself she needs something to balance her digestive system everyday so her stomach doesn't go nuts on those days she eats pasta or ice cream.
It's not about being perfect and spending every penny you earn, it's about doing your best everyday so you can FEEL better.
Looking amazing is a side effect of feeling better.
My skin, nails, hair, digestion and of course my petite figure Ive maintained the last 3 years shows me every day that without shakeology I would be that person in those before pictures, I can almost feel the discomfort in my old face. 

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