Its Ok This Is Just A Test, Keep Trusting God

inspiring quote, getting through what your going through, God gives peace,

This life is absolutely hard
It's finding the balance that's tricky and this statement is so very true and just last week was something I needed to remember.
"Next time you feel like your world is about to end, I hope you studied, he's testing your faith again."
I have times when I get bidder and angry because of where I'm at in life then after prayer and many days of asking God to help me with my struggles he pulls me out when I finally surrender my feelings and let him pull me out.
When you feel like giving up its ok, your not a failure you just need to go to God and ask him what the next step is.
Don't stay put,
Don't give in to this sinful world.
I once had a hole in my life even when I had success, money and things of this world.
But I still felt empty.
If you got a brand new car and someone hit it while it was parked would you freak out because it's your baby, your brand new car?
Or would you calmly get the persons information and let his insurance fix it cause it's just a car?
Don't love things,
Love God,
He will always be there pulling you up, giving you peace, happiness and joy through every trial you will have
Do like I had to do just last week and ask for it.

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