You Can Be Your Best Through Any Season

Life is hard and stressful at times am I right?
If you look back even just the last few years you can see the high and low parts.
You know those moments of contentment are around the corner of the craziness your currently in.
So that should make you feel pretty good smile emoticon
So the question is how do you prepare yourself for those different seasons in life?
For me that's when I found Beachbody!
I was overweight but zero money.
The gym never worked for me anyways because of my body insecurities and at that time I was close to 200 pounds! 
I reached my health and fitness goals in the middle of some pretty hard seasons like my husband losing his job.
But I stayed consistent with working out at home cause it made me feel better.
No matter which season of life your in prepare yourself for the next.
Look to God for peace and make positive healthy habits that you can keep even though the hard times. 
Happy Friday

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