What Is Shakeology and How Will It Help Me lose Weight and Get Healthy?

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You might have heard about this amazing dense nutritional shake called Shakeology, but what is it?
I can first tell you it is NOT a weight loss drink or a protein shake. 
It is a health shake thats main purpose is to give you what your body craves as far as whole foods, vitamins, superfoods and probiotics.
Yes you will lose weight drinking shakeology daily but more then that you will find yourself with more energy and feel that your body is running more effectively. 

Have you ever started a healthy diet to lose weight or gain muscle, start a new fitness routine, or cut calories? 
Then you might have noticed at about day 15 you started to feel your energy level decrease, cravings return and motivation fading.
This is your body telling you it is nutrient deficient.

Even if you eat 5 servings of fruit and veggies a day your body still is not getting the nutrition and vitamins it needs.
Some people try and push through the lower energy by supplementing with coffee and teas but the body is still fighting. 

When we age we start to feel the effect of our poor choices and studies have shown when your nutrient deficient that your 80% more likely to be over weight and are at a higher risk of diseases such as osteoporosis, seizures and cancer. 

When you drink Shakeology daily you will start to feel better after only 5 days. (I do offer a pack of all 7 flavors of Shakeology). 

Shakeology states it is the healthiest meal the day but its also clinically proven to get you healthy and help you reach your goals. 
Feel free to ask any questions below. I am a Shakeology everyday drinker for 4 years, am healthier with more energy then before kids and I am very passionate about Shakeology because of what it has done physically and mentally for myself and countless others.  

Its your turn to be your best self for the rest of your life

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