I Don't Need To Lose Weight, Why Do I Need To Drink Shakeology?

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I've had many people ask me why I drink shakeology if I've met my weight loss goal. 
My answer, its the healthiest meal I can put into my body. Its not a diet shake it's a nutrition shake.
It helps with digestion, regularity, curbs cravings so I don't crave junk, increases energy without caffeine, lowers cholesterol, yes you lose weight and so much more....
Many people I personally know have stopped taking blood pressure medication, cholesterol and even diabetes medication! Yes even pregnant mothers and nursing mothers drink it like I did also and their babies have a great start in life. 
It's not a weight loss shake its a nutrition shake with a crazy amount of super foods, zero pesticides etc that will help you live a longer more fulfilling life.
What healthy food do you put in your body daily?

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