We All Make Mistakes, Let Me Show You How to Change The Way You And Your Family Eats For Life

We were at the store today and this is what I found!
Yes this is one of many processed meals I fed my family 4 years ago when I really didn't know better and I had no idea how to cook.
We all make mistakes, we all start from somewhere, make today your day to start eating better not just for your health but for your families.
I swear 4 years ago everyone that I knew said eating clean or eating healthy was super expensive. I'm glad I didn't listen to everybody because it is actually cheaper.
Not only has my health improved including my husbands but the more I dug into what I needed to cook that was considered healthy I found it was very inexpensive and what I was paying anyway. 
Today 4 years later not only do we feel amazing every single day but I am teaching others to NOT make the same mistakes I did in the beginning. 
I will always remember where I started at 182 pounds unhealthy and lost.
I have learned so much about nutrition so that you don't have to make mistakes and take hours out of your day to learn like I have. 
Join me in a few weeks for a fresh start in my completely free 7 day basic clean eating group.

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