You Need Life's Negatives To Develop

Life is like photography.
You need the negatives to develop
God never said life was going to be easy but with his guidance you can have peace through him.
After my second child was born I was very negative about where I was in life. 
I was baptized in 2010 but still was lost on what to do next.
I went through multiple storms one being 8 months prego and my hubby was injured at work!
God provided through even that storm and I still dont see how!
Isn't it great to look back and know your storms were blessings? 
Then after our second princess was born I was very overweight and God showed me a infomercial of a workout called Turbo Fire
I DONT buy infomercial stuff but this one got me.
Back in 2012 I wasn't growing in my faith as a newer Christian I was just living day to day like most of us.
It was that purchase which was done by selling my dread mill lol that changed my life not only physically but spiritually.
God never makes mistakes and he felt I was ready so he gave me the tools I needed to start walking with him after 2 years of just going to church,
I then started being church, enjoying every minute and growing with God.
Don't take the tools God gives you for granted,
People will not agree with what your doing but when you feel even just a little of Gods presence you know changes in your life is happening. 
What event or person has God used to change your life?

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