I Dont Want You To Be Perfect

‪#‎NeverMIssAMonday‬ workout no matter what life throws at you!!!
Ive worked out everyday even though my hubby is in the hospital but dinner time is super hard when your at a hospital!!
I had salmon one night but fried fish another  didn't feel good after that one!!!
I never expect anyone to be 100% perfect
Thats not how to live and thats not how to look and feel good.
You can feel great and still drink a little wine
I teach to do your best and the longer you make small healthier choices the easier it is and the better you feel.
I didn't lose 60 pounds in a month but I have kept it off for years now and thats what counts.
Are you ready to NEVER go on a diet again or worry about what your eating because you just know how to eat right and 80% of the time you do?
Are you ready to make this first day of summer 2016 be your day one to creating the life God truly has wanted for you?
Message me and Ill find the starting point thats best for you 

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