Change Your Health No Matter What Bad Choices You Have Made

It's a long weekend which means more time to get the things you want to get done.
‪#‎StartYourWeekendRight‬ with a workout!!
10, 20 or 30 minutes just something 
I don't just say to do something I don't do,
My life isn't a perfect schedule I make time for my workout so I know you can also.
Hospitals, stressful situations, lack of sleep and even my knee being busted open on concrete would have stopped me years ago.
I teach to change our mindset in my daily groups online not just how to lose weight and get healthy but how to keep the weight off and stay out of doctors offices.
My husbands seizures started a couple years ago because of a prescription a doctor gave him,
There's a better way then taking pills!
Let's start by focusing on what makes you gain weight,
is your lifestyle so draining your always fatigue and after a week of working out and eating healthier do you feel changes? 
Our body is precious and it's the only body we have so let's take control of our body and how we fuel it

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