Start Your Ripple Effect

I wake up in the morning before I can change my mind lol
I workout at home so I never have an excuse to not workout,
I must choose to push harder knowing I will feel better after then I do before.
Its all a choice
Im not saying its easy but what choices in life are?

The fear of failure and judgment stopping you?
Don't let it!

That 182 pound girl I once was wanted to give up when people around her judged her making her feel like working out at home wasn't going to help her the weight she needed to lose.
I used them as motivation and Im made new.

It starts as just working out and grew to mental and spiritual change.
Its not just a workout or eating right
Its what starts the ripple effect of positivity into your life.

Dont settle for where you are!
My monthly health and fitness group starts soon.
The group that started it all for me will do the same for you.
Are You Ready??

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