Cloud Bread as seen on Fixate


3 eggs

1/3 cup greek yogurt

1/8 tsp cream of tarter

dash of sea salt


Place eggs whites in one mixing bowl and the yolk in another mixing bowl

Add greek yogurt to the yolk then fold into the yolk then add the sea salt

In the egg whites bowl add cream of tarter

Blend the egg whites with a hand mixer till a white cloud texture or meringue with stiff peaks

Blend the yolk till combined with the hand mixer

Add 1/3 of the egg whites to the yolk bowl and fold into the yolk till combined

Add the rest of the egg whites to the yolk and combine

Prepare your cookie sheet with cooking spray AND with parchment paper on top

Spoon the mixture on the cookie sheet making sandwich size circles

Now turn your oven to 300 degrees and add the pan for 22-25 minutes

DONT over cook

This is great for a sandwich or hamburger bun guilt free

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