Mom of 2 that changed her and her families life in 3 short months

Shout Out Time !!!!
Not to long ago I received a fb message from my now friend Alyce Iannarelli

She was asking about a new program being released call the 21 day fix. I told her it was coming out the following month and how much it was.

Like most she wasn't happy about the price. (140$ at the time) I told her this program and my free coaching group would change her life no joke. she said she would talk to her husband.

The following month she emailed me again and said ok im ready.
I was so excited for her and that was really the first time I told someone it would change their life! I knew it would but for some reason I felt like I needed to let her know her life would never be the same.

Well she took that statement and ran for sure. She has lost over 25 pounds since March 2014 !

She reads nutrition labels and knows what to look for. She s happy, has more healthy energy and even was hired for an amazing job in a field she didn't have the confidence to apply for months before.

She covered her face before but now shows her face and pushed that amazing person from the inside to the outside.

I'm so proud of you Alyce and am so thankful God brought you into my life.

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