Paleo Dinner

Lets start with the home fries

 They will sit for 12-24 hours in a crock pot

1 pound Jicama 
 1/2 tsp Chili Powder 
1/4 tsp Ground Pepper

Cut the Jicama into cubes (should have at least 3 cups)
Place all the cubes in a crock pot and cover with water by 2 inches. 
Put pot on high for 12-24 hours until the jicama is browned. 

After the cubes are browned in the crock pot dish them to a plate and pot with a paper towel. 
Set in the fridge till your 30 minutes from eating.

Now time to start the garlic browned ground meat

2 pounds of ground meat (Im using Organic Ground beef but you can uses Bison, Lamb, Pork, Turkey or Chicken).
Coconut Oil
Ground Black Pepper
Coarse (granulated) Garlic Powder

Heat skillet over med/high then add meat.
Add pepper and garlic. 
Cook meat till pink is gone about 7-10 minutes 

Heat a separate skillet, add coconut oil and place jicama in a single layer at the bottom of the pan. 
After 5 minutes flip them. Do this for 15 minutes till golden brown.
Now you can add chili powder and black pepper.

You can blend the meat and jicama in the pan or on the serving plate and ENJOY

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