She changed her life after 3 kids and a grandbaby! You can do it also

I met this amazing person named Sharon over a year ago.
She didn't know who I was but saw my fb posts and wanted me to coach her so she would look her best for her daughters wedding. Sharon is a wife, mom of 3 and grandma of 1.

She started with 30 days of Hip Hop Abs then shortly after drank Shakeology. She wanted something more so she started Focus T25 then the 21 day fix with Shakeology. In our challenge group she really dug into the nutrition side and she was so open with how she felt daily.

As you can see she didn't let anything get in her way and is now being told she s Teeny.
But she s so much more then that. She learned so much about herself and has motivated her husband to live a healthy life style and has lost 35 plus pounds.
I'm so happy God brought her into my life. She s an amazing friend.

Join us in our next Challenge Group by contacting me today.

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