Life is so crazy on the RUN

I feel like everyday is nuts! Do you feel the same?

My name is Victoria, my husband and I have 2 kiddos ages 6 and 2, plus a german shepard.
I know doesnt sound to crazy
But im really cheap, like I dont like spending money if I dont have to.
So my husband (Eric) was transferred at his job to a place 20 miles from our apartment.
Not just 20 miles but in another state!
We live in Washington and drive to Idaho.
Im a stay at home mom but we have one car and like I said I dont like spending money so we will only have one car.
We made the decision that the kids and I will stay near Erics work to not just save money on gas and car maintenance but so the kids and I dont have to drive 2 hours 5-6 days a week.
YUP we are not the normal family.
Im here to share with you how we stay fit and healthy even on the rode all day while sharing tips we have learned.
Feel free to ask me questions.

Now you might ask what in the world do we do all day. Which actually on most days isnt bad.
During the summer we went to the parks most of the time.
Its now coming up on winter time though.
So we got a membership at a family gym so we can use the pool and game room.

Life is about to get a little crazier and I would love to share how we live out of the ordinary.

Did i mention I homeschool also......
What is a normal day for you?
Have you considered homeschooling?

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