Busy Tired Moms

Back in 2008 I had my first baby and lost weight fast after I stopped nursing, but most can be "skinny" by just limiting they're calories. 

After my second baby I was 182 and it didn't come off fast at all, after 2 months per doctors orders I started to workout at home and mentally told myself through all the tears I CAN do this. I can't just be a low energy, sick mom. I NEED to be my BEST so I can give my kids what they deserve. I kicked butt everyday and they were my motivation! 
I kept getting better, I looked at it as kicking butt doing things outdoors if I could just keep going, so I did. 

Thats how I know my online accountability groups work?? 

The proof is in the pudding!!! What the heck does that saying even mean?!?! 

The PROOF is right here, within my own family and friends. 

Each of us has struggled with our weight in our own ways. Mainly because we REALLY like eating food. Sugary, rich, fried foods.

But when we ban together with peers, form commitment towards our goals, and decide to give the tools and support that's available a chance....

We can make BIG CHANGES and awesome improvements.

Not saying it's easy... Not saying it's the only way...

But it IS a system that takes a lot of the guess work out.

Will you be ready by next week, to commit to doing your best and feel great knowing, every single day you are another hurdle closer to the real you? 

We start August 6th to get focused then its GO time.

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