Healthy Lunchables For Kids

Its that time of year, back to school. 
Lets get back to our routine but not back to junk food. 
This is a very quick way to prepare your kids lunches for the week 
and let them enjoy helping you do it. 

  • With only 7 ingredients these Back To Nature brand crackers are healthy and taste great.
  • I chose Kirkland Turkey Breast slices, there are healthier options but with very few ingredients these are not a bad option and there only $10 for a 3 pack.
  • For the sliced cheese I chose Horizon organic 
- First take 2 crackers out and a slice of cheese and turkey
- Place the cracker on top of the cheese and use a knife to cut around so the cracker and cheese is the same shape
-Do the same with the turkey slices, place the second cracker on top of the turkey and cut around the cracker
- Place each one in a closed container and add they're favorite fruit and veggie. 
Example: grapes, celery and peanut butter, steamed broccoli.
You can even prepare a sweet healthy treat like my Healthy Chocolate Brownies or Paleo Cookies

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