We Seve An Amazing God That Heals When Doctors Say Theres No Hope

Hey there friends I have to share a BIG praise to God

As you might know my husband started having seizures again the day before thanksgiving and couldn't go 3 days without having 25 plus a day!!!!

We went to every single hospital more then once mostly by ambulance cause they wouldn't stop once they started and went up to 5 minutes long!!
for that long month

The weekend after Christmas we went to all of the hospitals in the area again, they ALL said there's NOTHING we can do to help you

But here is the praise!!!!!
We obviously prayed and prayed and asked special friends to do the same and for God to heal him
Then he just stopped having seizures!!!
For no reason at all, after every single hospital said they can't fix him and the seizures STOPPED
Well today is an entire WEEK without even one

We are so happy all those hospitals said they couldn't fix him because now GOD gets ALL the Glory
We serve an amazing God
Things don't happen to us they happen for us
Our faith didn't dime it only got stronger,
So devil you just got your BUTT KICKED
Feel free to share this post to encourage your friends that are in the mist of the storm

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