Happy First Monday Of 2016

Happy first Monday of 2016 🎉🎉🎉
Today my groups right here on fb are preparing to crush 2016
No excuses
No reason to say you can't do it
I'm here to help make sure quitting isn't an option 
Are you done with making losing weight and being healthy your goal every January?
Are you ready to say this is finally my year?
Then what's stopping you????
3 years ago I said enough was enough!!!
Yes I was judged by many
Who did I think I was losing weight at home and not at a gym.....
Many were watching waiting for me to fail
But I didn't
And I won't
Don't let the opinions of the average person sway you,
Dream, and they thinks your crazy
Succeed, and they think your lucky,
Pay no attention they simple don't understand

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