The Scale Should Not Be The Only Way To Measure Progress

I challenge you this ‪#‎motivationwednesday‬ to NOT look at the scale but measure progress by how you look and feel.
The scale is just a number that no one but you and your doctor once a year sees.
There is an amazing workout program with meal planner that I followed last February and the scale when down to 122pounds
I just looked skinny and my abs were not as defined.
So I upped my healthy calories and lifted weight more then cardio. 
Today I'm at a healthy 128 pounds.
So don't let that scale stop you!
Weigh yourself once a week at MOST and learn what foods make you feel bloated (sodium) or what foods make you feel lean (chicken/veggie stir fry)
If your like I was 3 years ago and have zero clue about nutrition and what in the world clean eating actually means, then message me about joining my free 7 day jump start to clean eating group this Friday

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