Everyone Is Busy But Are You Happy?

Another day to sleep in past 5am but I can still have me time while my family sleeps.
Back when I got up when they did I thought I was doing the right thing cause I got more sleep,
You know the saying sleep when baby sleeps.
Well I found I was still tired.
I was nursing so I was up often during the night so I learned to be able to function while being tired lol
My workouts changed that after a solid 30 days. It was hard to stay focused but I kept focusing on WHY for working out earlier.
After 1 year I was not only fit, energized and healthy but I also achieved abs after 2 kids.
You can do anything you want you just need to learn to change your mindset from oh no I can't do that to YES I CAN show me how.
I'm looking for some ladies that are DONE with trying to get through each day.
DONT wait till a doctors report says you must.
My mother in law and father in law in their 60s changed their lives with the tools I use and will never go back.
They added on their days here with their kids and grandkids and didn't throw their hands up in defeat because of their age.
It's your turn to take the Victoria Moberg Challenge.
We start next week with 29 more days to a healthier, energized and happier summer.

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