Transformation From The Inside Out Can Happen

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Ive never been "fit" meaning toned and slim.
When I was 21 I would drink one beer and think I was going to gain 5 pounds so at 2 am I would come home and run the treadmill.
Looking back now it's truly what we grow in that makes us beautiful.
Im very big on personal development in any struggle that we all have. From food addiction to self doubt.
In my accountability group I really focus on what you feel like today to get you to your best you tomorrow.
Back in 2008 I had my first baby and lost weight fast after I stopped nursing, but most can be "skinny" by just limiting they're calories. The best way to hike those mountains or bike those trails is to build strength.
After my second baby I was 182 and it didn't come off fast at all, after 2 months per doctors orders I started to workout at home and mentally told myself through all the tears I CAN do this.
I can't just be a low energy, sick mom.
I NEED to be my BEST so I can give my kids what they deserve.
I kicked butt everyday and they were my motivation! I kept getting better, I looked at it as kicking butt doing things outdoors if I could just keep going, so I did.
I tell you my story to give you a real look at where I came from and that I will ask in my accountability group for you to take 5 minutes of your day and dig deep into what you want to feel like on the inside, or look at food as fuel to get you up that mountain instead of a temporary satisfaction.
I've reached my goals not because I workout but because I created a life where I can no matter what, get up, push play and workout at home, live my life with a greater purpose and still be here for my family everyday.
Life is crazy which is why I get up at 5am, but I motivate you in my group to live on your terms and know that if the car breaks or the snow is covering your car you can still feel great in 30 minutes.
Are you ready to start your day 1?
We all have a day 1 but only those ready can have the freedom past day 1.
Message me today to join us 

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