Its About Being Healthy for Life

Got up later today and did my 22 min workout with my youngest princess.
Now breakfast time with our nutrition shake 
I remember when I first started drinking shakeology I thought it was a weight loss shake. 
But as time moved on I realized it's more then that.
It's dense nutrition that my entire family needs (Kate drinks half a scoop)
My body thin or not needs the nutrients that's in shakeology to run efficiently
You can be thin and unhealthy just as the thinnest person you know.
They will say their still tired and feel overweight but really they just are nutrient deficient.
Since I realized this I never took this shakeology as a weight loss tool
It's the way I feel great with zero coffee, how my body can get up at 5am and still make it till 10pm with no crash.
Even when it's cold and raining.
If your a shakeokogy drinking congrats you are doing amazing things for the length and vitality of your life

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