Goals Only Work When You Work Toward Them

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My goal since day one was to have less loose skin,
I knew my food choices would make or break that but 4 years ago I didn't have a clue how to eat healthy.
It was a big motivation for me when I lost 60 pounds and started to see abs after a year into my journey.
But I still had the lose skin and that small amount of abs I could see helped me realized I can achieve anything! 
So away I worked really digging deep into my nutrition.
I already drank a nutrition shake so all I needed to do was figure out how to keep the nutrients the shake gave me into my body all day. 
After almost 2 years this 182 pound mom of 2 finally reached her goal

Did I want to give up?
A few times but I wasn't in this to just lose weight anymore I was in this to be healthy and make and reach new goals just for fun!!!
Could you imagine never worrying about your weight again but just making fun goals?
It's a great feeling and still 2 more years since I was first able to do a plank without extra skin I proved to myself again this morning that what I do works to help lose and maintain a fit healthy body

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