What Is The 21 Day Fix And Why Is It Easier Then Counting Calories?

First off I want to explain what the 21 Day Fix is. The 21 Day Fix was created to not only give you 7 days worth of different workouts for ANY fitness level. It was also created to give you the easiest way to actually achieve the results you want from working out.

Let’s be honest, we have all started a workout and felt great the first 5 days until the weekend came and we ate out and didn't start again. Or we have been doing amazing with our workouts but because of our nutrition our energy level went down and we gave up because the scale didn't move. 

The creator of The 21 Day Fix Autumn worked in a popular gym but realized many ladies that came to her classes for an entire year didn't see much of a change. They kicked butt in class but what was happening after class. One day she had lunch with one of the ladies from her gym class. Of course she ordered a salad for lunch which was great. The problem was the salad was huge and she ate the entire salad which was at least an entire days worth of calories for her. 

There the idea came to Autumn and today its called the colored coded container system that she combined with The 21 Day Fix workout program and has since combined with other well known Beachbody workout programs. 

So the question, Why is it easier then counting calories?

With the color coded containers you also get a list of foods that count as each container. Example, purple is fruit, red is proteins, yellow is carbs etc 
After doing a simple 3 step calculation you know what calorie bracket your in to lose weight. That answer will tell you how many containers of each color you will get per day to lose weight. 
The first month you place your food in the containers and place it on a plate so you can visualize the amount of food each container holds. You workout to 7 different workout types per the 3 week schedule thats included. You can schedule a cheat meal once per week and still lose weight. 
Its a very simple way to learn not just home many calories to eat but the type of food you need to eat to fuel your body to not only lose weight but to live a quality life. 

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