What Is An Online Fitness Challenge Group And What I Do As Your Online Fitness Coach?

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Im super excited that you are interested in finding out more information on what a challenge group is!

First off let me tell you how a challenge group came about. You may have heard of a few at home fitness programs called P90X, Insanity and The 21 Day Fix. 
Those workout programs are created by a company called Beachbody. Beachbody decided to build a coaching opportunity to those that are, or have completed one of their fitness programs. 
That's where a challenge group comes from. Everyday, people that love Beachbody programs and products help you pick the perfect fitness program that meets your needs and coach you online to get results. 

The first week I help you clean out your kitchen, look at meal plans and recipes that your entire family will enjoy. Included with your workout program is Shakeology. During the first week, I will also share different ways to enjoy your Shakeology which is a meal replacement shake, that will replace 1 meal. I personally drink it for breakfast since that's my most rushed time of the day. It's a delicious shake packed with dense nutrition thats quick and easy to make and I also don't have to take multi vitamins anymore. 

The challenge group will be on Facebook but its a closed group so only those in the group can see the posts and we create friendships there as well. Everyday you log into the group you will see daily tips, motivation, nutrition tips, meal plans and accountability assignments to keep you on track during our 4 weeks together. We also go over how to manage your busy life while still fitting yourself in. 

 I have personally lost 60 pounds and have helped many others do the same and get their health, energy and life back. Feel free to check out my Success From My Personal Customers tab. I run challenge groups monthly so if you scroll down, fill out the application! I would love to connect with you to help you reach your personal goals. 

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