Gym vs at home workouts

Let's face it our lives are always going a million miles a minute. We wake up and don't stop till we go to bed. We know we need to be active and eat better to live a longer more fulfilling life so what can we do to make that happen. Gym or workout at home? 

Going to a gym that's open 24 hours is best so no matter what your work schedule is it will be open. There's some great group classes so your not at it alone. If you don't feel confident working out in front of others these classes might not be what you are looking for. Some gyms offer a one day free session with a personal trainer. If you dont know how to use the equipment bring a note pad and ask as many questions as you can. If you don't use the machines properly you either will hurt yourself or not see any results at all. Example, no one told my grandfather to stretch and he ended up hurting himself. 

Purchasing a at home workout program normally includes everything you need. For example Beachbody programs come with the DVDs, schedule for 30, 60 or 90 days, a nutrition guide with a once a day health drink and a coach to help motivate, answer questions and help to make sure you finish your program with great success. The trainer on the DVD also tells and shows you exactly what to do so you don't get injured. When working out at home you will need to plan your day and stick to it. Not like gyms that give you their schedule when to go to a group class. At home you will need to make the schedule. When it's the best time to workout out, that you have the most energy and least amount of distractions. You can take that as good and bad since you can workout in your living room any time you want. If the program you purchase has a coach it's like having a accountability partner to keep you motivated. 

Gym or an at home workout program really depends on your goals and time you can dedicate meaning driving and spending an hour at the gym or working out in your living room for 25-55 minutes. 
Either way you need to schedule and make time to workout. Many workout programs at home do give you a schedule and with that you see results sooner then going to a gym. 

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