What To Do When I Only Have 10 Minutes To Workout

I know not all mornings we wake up on time, 
We panic the night before about everything we have to do the next day at the office or the to do list us stay at home moms have to complete before the hubby is home for the weekend

But remember those days that your consistent with your workouts, just 3 days of giving yourself 30 minutes, makes you more productive and gives you more energy.

So on those mornings that you wake up late or just don't feel like working out. Do it anyways, even if you have 15 minutes, just press play without thinking and when the time says it's time to get ready for the day even after 15 minutes then that's ok. You did YOUR best.
Something is better then nothing at all. 
My free 5 day jump start next week includes a 1-5 minutes workout each day 

Can you give yourself 5 minutes?

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