Its Not Just About Looking Better But Also Feeling Great

It's so hard to start working out
It takes motivation even when your tired 
We are ALL busy busy busy
Yes I am also which is why I'm up at 5am
But I went most of my life hating the way I looked, even when I was thin I wanted to be thinner.
Today I feel strong, beautiful, complete.

When you eat remember you ARE what you eat!
Eat to fuel your body and feel amazing.
I'm NOT perfect, I still eat out and eat pasta and bread on occasion,
I don't have allergies so I can but my body reminds me how much better it runs when I eat meats and veggies.

I will never tell you to eat perfect
But I am telling you to eat better then you are today.
Just eating better everyday the ripple effect will happen and you will see and feel the difference 

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