Happy New Year!

Back 3 years ago I didn't have energy to go to a gym to workout and money wasn't exactly sitting around without a purpose as you might understand.
But i want to change and be my best self.
3 years ago I was 182 pounds, lost, tired, depressed and never thought I could be the person I was before kids.
Looking back I wish I had someone tell me its worth every tear. That you can only get better no matter how slow or fast the weight comes off and all without going to the gym. 
2 hours at the gym is made down to 30 minutes at home working out.
No drive time
No monthly fees
No waking the kids up
And No waiting till a group class was going on which was always at a time I couldn't go. 
In my daily support groups I will encourage you daily, show you in my own life that through every one of life's struggles to keep pushing on.
I will teach you how to be your best self and NEVER go back to the life in your goodbye photos.
I am accepting applications to join my first 2016 support group which will be on Facebook.
Im looking for those that want 2016 to be their year and will stand with me everyday.
Are you ready to have a fun, crazy amazing 2016?
Stop wishing to look and feel the way I do in 30 minutes at home working out stop thinking you can't 
And let me show you how I did it 

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