Follow Those That Are Successful In Where You Want To Be

Take a look around at the 5 people you spend the most time with. 
Are they achieving what you would like to achieve? 
Its a hard thing to think about because you are who you spend time with.
If you are around people that drink socially every weekend then thats what you will do. 
If you are with those that find joy from a healthy life style or spending time talking about another miracle God did in their lives. Then you will grow into that person also. 
Im not saying to stop hanging out with your friends.
Im saying try adding a new activity in place of one of the bad habits your trying to get rid of.
Example, if you want to lose weight your not going to want drinking or eating out be a routine every weekend. 
 Instead try having everyone make a new healthy meal and bring it over to someones house to share together. Its the small habits we change that make a big difference in our lives. 

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