Day before the 3 Day Refresh

Im pretty excited to start a new nutrition program called the 3 Day Refresh. If you ever feel like, I want more energy, a break from bad eating habits or I over indulge over the weekend and want to lose the weight I put on because of it? This is the program for you and you don’t starve or just drink shakes all day. 

You drink 4 shakes a day including Shakeology, 2 fruit options, 2 vegetable options and Healthy fats. The test groups have lost in average 4 pounds in 3 days. 

 Here is MY grocery list:
Filtered water
Tea (optional)
Almond Butter
Apple cider vinegar 
Balsamic vinegar
Fresh lemon juice
Red onion
Fresh parsley 

Tomorrow is my day one. 
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