What Does Success Look Like to You?

Some of you might not know but two years ago I was overweight and overwhelmed even though I was a stay-at-home mom.
If you're a parent you would know what I'm talking about when the never ending to do list is always in front of you.
The last year I've been driving a lot more so I've been listening to personal development and it really hit me when one of the authors said she was super overwhelmed always had things on her plate when the kids went to bed she didn't stop and I completely related to that.
One of the things she said to do was really look at your life and see what success means to you. Not to somebody else, not to your neighbor, not to your friends but actually to you? If you didn't take anyone's opinion and you just looked at what you really wanted out of your life what would it be.
It took a long time and I wasn't able to really answered on the spot because I had no clue. The last several months I really took money worries off my plate and wrote down a to do list every day to see what really was happening every day in my life and that's when it clicked.
I spent more time cooking, cleaning and yard work of a big house then I did doing the things that I really enjoyed.
So that's when we decided as a family that we are going to downsize from a 2000 square-foot three bedroom two bath family room house with yard to a 3 bedroom two bath apartment.
I still feel overwhelmed like why do I need all the space all I have is a six-year-old and a two-year-old. My kids are so awesome they are very content with what they have.
Shortly after we moved into the apartments my husband got a new job at an RV dealership. This was definitely God because we kept thinking it would be so cool to travel I mean we don't like to stay in one spot all the time but no one we knew had ever lived in an RV before. And honestly a lot people just don't understand it because it's not the normal thing to do. Most feel like the American dream is to live in a big house and work the 8 to 5 job.
But tell me how many people who work the 8 to 5 job went to College make all this money can truly say that they love their life every single day.
So we decided to become full-time RVers and live what we consider the American dream.
This past weekend marks three weeks of living in an RV and yes there are ups and downs just like owning a new home for the first time but it is worth it.

So what would you consider success and what is your own American dream?

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