This blog is pretty emotional for me to write.
Ive been friends with Jeni for years but really became connected when she joined one of my groups on facebook a year ago. She wanted a change but didnt know where to start.

She decided to go to the doctor and get a health exam which gave her motivation.
Jeni said from day one her why for wanting to be healthy was for her kids.
After digging deep into grocery shopping and what to look for she jumped out of her comfort zone which isnt easy for anyone and started posting everyday in our facebook group. 

She is a busy wife and mom of 2 kiddos and is such an inspiration. Not only does she enjoy working out now but her kids get to watch her mommy kick butt and they want to be just like her.
Her husband is extremely proud of how far she has come!

Today she is completely different on the inside and out. I honestly was speechless when she posted this picture. 

Thank you Jeni for opening up to me and your new friends. We are so proud of how far you have come and know now that you can accomplish ANYTHING you put your mind to. 
Insanity Max 30 is next for you and I know that you can and you will kick butt!!
Always here for you my friend :)

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