No More Diabetes, Aches And Pains

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Message from Carl's Wife about her husbands transformation.
Thanks to Shakeology, exercise, healthy eating, and, of course, Victoria Moberg being the best Coach ever!!!!!

If you want to get healthy and "hot" no matter your age, check in with Victoria. Carl promises it will be the best decision you ever made for you and your family.
He was impressed of himself when I showed him the pictures.
He also reminded me that he has been taken off his diabetes medication by his Doctor. Doctor feels he can maintain with his current diet and exercise plan.
He feels the best he's felt in a very long time, no aches and pains and has a lot more energy as well.
He is now planning on maintaining his current weight by continuing to drink his chocolate shakeology daily and eating healthy.
Thank you Victoria Moberg for always being there for both of us.

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